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Mar 10, 2010 at 08:33 AM

Problem with sapstartsrv



I'm installing EHP4 on an ERP2005 system. It stops wih the error mesage:

The update tool is unable to detect the SCS or the central instance. Check that the SAP Start Services are running for all instances in the cluster. See SAP Note 1401712 for further information.

After looking at the log-file I saw that it can't determin the SCS instance. I checked SAP Note 1401712.

There the solution is to check if the sapstartsrv is running for the SCS instance.

The process is runing, but I found the following error message int the log file (sapstartsrv.log):

<<- ERROR: SapSSLInit(read_profile=1)==SSSLERR_PSE_ERROR

SapSSLInit failed => https support disabled

Webservice thread started, listening on port 50613

Trusted http connect via Unix domain socket '/tmp/.sapstream50613' enabled.

I also tried to call the sapmc via http. Also only the ABAP instance is shown but not the SCS instance.

The system is running with linux x86_64.

Does anyone have an idea?