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Mar 10, 2010 at 08:11 AM

error in perform/form statement


Hi all,

Call to a program containing a syntax error (CALL/PERFORM/SUBMIT)

Error in program /SAPAPO/SAPLATPQ_TIMESERIES - include /EPCOS/SD_CRSD0035_04 -

line 76

Syntax check error message:

A target area must be declared either explicitly with an INTO clause or implicitl

with a TABLES statement.

Internal Message Code: MESSAGE GYN

after clicking on error iam getting this statement how to solve this

This is perform statement which is present in z program

PERFORM localise_reqtms(/sapapo/saplatpq_timeseries)

USING space

CHANGING l_ts_endhor.

DATA: l_ts_endhor TYPE /sapapo/om_hortms.

Form statement in standard program (/SAPAPO/LATPQ_TIMESERIESFD0)

FORM localise_reqtms USING flag

CHANGING p_reqtms TYPE /sapapo/reqtms.