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Mar 10, 2010 at 04:49 AM

ECM Change no Mandatory for CS02


Dear all,

To make the ECM change no mandatory for CS01 and CS02 i have followed the below settings.

1.In OS27 - Check box included for BOM validity maintained,EC Management active,History Requirement.

2.In OS25 - BOM usage 1 & BOM status 1 - History Requirement check box is included.

3.Authorization object C_STUE_NOH is with No.

After making these changes and saving and assigning the same to that user id,logout and login.

It is working properly for CS01 but for CS02 even waring message it is not giving, directly it is allowing to chage the BOM without change no.

Can any one suggest what may be the issue or any other settings i am missing?

Thanks in advance,