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Mar 10, 2010 at 02:10 AM

Error adding Sales order via DI-SERVER Posting Date deviates from the defin


When adding a sales order via the DI-API we have started receiving the following error:

Error: Posting Date deviates from the defined range. To complete the operation, define the posting period to match the entered Posting Date. [(----) 131-204]

I have verified that the posting dates within the document exist within the defined posting periods in SAP and that the posting period in question is unlocked.

I can add the document within the SAP B1 interface without any issues.

This process and code was also working up until the start of the new financial year. There have been no changes to the code or the financial periods in the new year.

There is a peculiarity with the financial periods for this company in that they have moved from calendar periods in the past to financial periods. Has anyone come accross any issues with posting dates and the DI SERVER API?

The dates in the XML document that we are trying to add are shown below.




The following are the financial period values from OFPR

Posting Date From/To: 06.03.10 02.04.10

Due Date From/To: 01.01.10 01.04.11

Document Date From/To: 01.01.10 02.04.10

Start of Fiscal Year: 01.01.10