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Mar 10, 2010 at 12:32 AM

Using RDC with Visual C++ (COM, not .NET)


I am trying to use the sample code in the CR XI R2 documentation and am having trouble.

The machine I am developing on has CR IX installed in addition to CR XI.

I am using Visual C++ 6.

When I try the sample code, it crashes when I acess a NULL pointer m_Application.

m_Report = m_Application->OpenReport(ReportPath, dummy);

The pointer is NULL because the call m_Application.CreateInstance ("CrystalRuntime.Appplication.115") fails.

If I replace the m_Application.CreateInstance call with

m_Application.CreateInstance ("CrystalDesignRuntime.Application"); it does not crash and the report shows. But, how do I know if I am getting the CR XI version rather than the CR IX version?

I have had to vary the code from the example -- the #import failed because the craxdrt.dll was in a different place.

Any thoughts?

Al Beard

Update as of Mar 10, 2010

I tried adding the printing code as outlined in the sample code --

I had to change the m_Application.CreateInstance call's argument to "CrystalDesignRuntime.Application" as above.

However, it now crashes in the destructor of the application (MyRDCApp).

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