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Mar 09, 2010 at 07:20 PM

batch job scheduling based on Event AND for the job to complete


I am trying to schedule a background job based on an event AND based on the job finishing itself.


Job name: Send_Message

After Event: SAP_NEW_PROCESS Message

Program: Program xxxx

I want that the Send_Message job only runs when the Event SAP_NEW_PROCESS message happens AND the Send_Message job is not running.

Right now, I could only schedule it based on the event SAP_NEW_PROCESS Message which means that everytime this event happens the job runs and I end up having the job "Send_Message" in multilple intances where the others will immediately cancel since the first job is still running and so I end up with a lot of Cancelled job when it is not necessary to run them all when there is already 1 instance of the Job running.

How do I set it up in SAP?