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Mar 09, 2010 at 06:37 PM

Intercompany billing within SAP with GR based IV <--> batchsplitt



we are using intercompany billing to by INVOIC EDIs within one SAP system to bill deliveries of one company code to the other.

Since we are using Schedules we would like to use GR based Invoice Verification to know which delivery is billed and which is open.

On inbound deliveries we use a batchsplitt since we need the batch information on the Customer Service Center side.

On the sales invoice the billing is cumulated on material level to not have too long invoices.

When we enter the invoice manually with MIRO it is very convinient since the qty delivered (by batch) are proposed and invoice can easily be entered.

Also EDI processing generally works but the system posts the total qty invoiced against the first batch position.

On total the delivery is completly invoiced but if you look at the single positions for the same material one is overinvoiced all others are not invoiced at all.

Did anyone have a similar problem? How can it be solved and still have the batch information in the Customer Service Center.

Thanks in advance for suggestions