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Mar 09, 2010 at 05:51 PM

Condition Base Value Routine


Hello all,

I am currently facing an issue where we have created a Custom Condition Base value routine for a Tax Condition type.

In our scenario, we have Sales Tax condition type ZZTX which has the following parameters:

Cond. class D Taxes

Calculat.type A Percentage

Cond.category D Tax

Rounding rule Commercial

Also since its a tax condition type, it is set to D - cannot be modified manually.

Also in the pricing procedure, the condition type is pointing row 301 to pickup the condition value basis. This is for the normal scenarios. However when a particular condition is satisfied (which is coded in routine 902 for ZZTX) the code in 902 is supposed to change the condition base value for ZZTX.

800 0 ZZTX Tax for Sales 301 10 902 MWS

This functionality is not working at this point. When I debug, I can see the code appending the calculated value to the condition base value for ZZTX.

However on the screen, I still see the condition base value being picked up from row 301.

I need some input from you guys so as to find it the condition type zztx should have some parameters set to allow the change or is there a problem in the 902 routine ?

Kindly advise