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Mar 09, 2010 at 09:36 AM

B1PO2B1SO Issue


Hi all!

I'm reading the guide "How to Build and Run a SAP B12B1 Scenario" from following link:

and trying to implement it step by step

I have an issue when i'm trying to change generated BizPackage xml-files.

for example, the BizPackage Definition Document - BizPackageMETA.xml

When I'm trying to add this file to XMLSpy-project in the same way wich descripted in documentation, I have an error, when I'm clicking button "Browse" in "Add URL to project" dialog window.

Error description:

HTTP error: could not PROPFIND file '/B1iXcellerator/exec/dummy' on server 'localhost' (501).

then I'm trying to add this file via "File URL" field, I'm put address to file exactly and click "OK". By this way I have success.

But when I made changes and try to save it - I have following error:

An error occured saving the file http://localhost:8080/B1iXcellerator/exec/dummy/!

HTTP error: could not PUT file '/B1iXcellerator/exec/dummy/' on server 'localhost' (403).

Probably - it's problem with my tomcat server?