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Mar 09, 2010 at 05:11 AM

Info structure deactivation Plant wise


Hi Friends,

This is our scenario.

We have got 4 operative plants A,B,C,D. In R/3 all of them use self defined Info structure (S999) to transfer the requirements to

demand managament and MRP. We use transactions MC62 and MC94. We use same products in all plants.

Now we are going to implement APO-DP for two plants A,B. Other two plants will be implemented at a later phase. Till that time plant C,D will use R/3 only and will continue to use S999 for demand transfer.

We use product availability check and product allocation check.

When we create sale order in R/3 system checks characteristics value combination in R/3. But we have created these info structure, characteristics value combinations in APO-DP. We want the system to check the product availability and product allocation check in APO-DP for plant A & B.

The question is :

Since we want the product allocation check to be done in APO-DP we want to deactivate plants A & B alone for info structure S999. (It should be still active for C & D)

We find that info structure maintenance is at client level. How to deactivate it plant wise ? Is there any way ? Where this has to be done in IMG in R/3 ?

Kindly give your inputs. Thanks in advance.