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Mar 09, 2010 at 03:05 AM

Correlation issue in JMS adapter - SYNC/ASYNC scenario without BPM



I am working on a SYNC/ASYNC scenario with JMS adapter without using BPM. My scenario is SOAP< >PI >JMS. I configured the interface as below:

1. SOAP Sender channel

2. JMS Receiver Channel writing to Queue A.

Module used: a. RequestOneWayBean

b. WaitResponseBean

Correlation Settings:

a. Set JMS Correlation ID to "XI Message ID"

b. Store JMS CorrelationID of request (Checked)

c. Set JMS Property to "JMS Correlation Id"

d. Value = "XI MEssage ID"

3. JMS Sender channel reading from queue B ( I am exporting the message from queue A and importing into queue B)

Module used: a. NotifyResponseBean

Correlation Settings:

a. Set XI MEssage Id to "GUID"

b. Set XI Conversation ID to "Stored JMS COrrelationID of Request"

I can see the cid in the message from queue A. But I observed thhat the header format of the message in Queue A is "MQSTR".


1. While writing the message to queue A, below adapter log details(part b) concerned me:

a. Message '8747a7c2-2b06-11df-8055-005056a70ed6' successfully processed by channel

b. Could not create acknowledgements for message '8747a7c2-2b06-11df-8055-005056a70ed6'

I am not sure why I am receiving the message that " could not create acknowledgements"

2. While reading the message from the sender channel,I consistently get the error message as below:

a. XI message ID corresponding to JMS message with ID 'ID:414d51205341504449442e514d202020c67b954b20005602'

will be created as a new GUID with value '21bca916-424f-41f6-3347-c71090392b58'

b. Error while processing message '21bca916-424f-41f6-3347-c71090392b58'; detailed error description: found no correlation ID: RecoverableException:

found no correlation ID at ...

Below are the blogs which I have already gone through:

1. JMS Synchronous Scenario without BPM - Correlation Settings and Transactional JMS Session

2. Note: 1086303

3. Sync / Async Bridge without BPM

In the note, they mentioned something about header being "MQRFH2". BUt in our case, the header is "MSSTR". Not sure whether it makes any difference.

Please help.

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