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Mar 08, 2010 at 11:22 PM

How to Uninstall GRC 5.3 to allow reconfiguration



We have situation where we wish to basically start configuration of GRC 5.3 from scratch. This will include reimport of the initial xml config files, rules, setup of connectors etc... We used SDM to successfully uninstall all the grc related components from the Java side : VIRACLP 530.700 SP10 (1000.530.700.10.0.20091208181824) VIRAE 530.700 SP10 (1000.530.700.10.2.20100217232143) VIRCC 530.700 SP10 (1000.530.700.10.2.20100128223758) VIREPRTA 530.700 SP10 (1000.530.700.10.0.20091208181823) VIRFF 530.700 SP10 (1000.530.700.10.0.20091208181826) VIRRE 530.700 SP10 (1000.530.700.10.0.20091208181828)

We could not of course uninstall the ABAP side ERP6 backend system RTAs, but were (overly?) optimistic that a redeployment of Java components would create a blank GRC canvas for reconfiguration. When the above components were again reinstalled via JSPM, all the previous data\configuration was intact and fully accessible.

I cannot find any information on how or where this configuration and other GRC data should be deleted from in order to allow us to start the GRC configuration process from scratch.

We use CC, RAR, CUP, Superuser PM, GRC componnets.

Where does the GRC related data, configuration data etc., reside?

Is it possible to cleanse the systems (ABAP & JAVA) of this data and bring the GRC framework to a state equivalent to a raw install?

Thanks for your help,

Steve Amorsen