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Dec 18, 2018 at 11:16 PM

Lumira Designer Filter Bar parallel processing

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I'm using Lumira Designer 2.2 and I'm wondering if anyone out there has found a way to filter multiple data sources in a Lumira Designer application in parallel (taking advantage of the processing groups), after a selection has been made in a Filter Bar.

For example:

1) Say I have an application with 6 data sources, each of them assigned to a different processing group. When I run the application, it takes advantage of the processing groups, loading the data sources in parallel, so the load time is fast.

2) My application also has a Filter Bar component, which has the 6 data sources set as Target Data Sources.

3) Once I select a filter in the Filter Bar and select "Go", it applies the filter to all 6 data sources but appears to be executing that serially instead. I'm not sure how to confirm that this is in fact the behavior, but it does appear to lengthen the time to filter as I add each Target Data Source (1 source is fast, 2 is a bit slower, etc.).

This can cause significant slowness on our dashboard when a filter is changed. If anyone has dealt with anything similar, I'd be curious to know if you found a way to improve performance.