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Dec 18, 2018 at 01:48 PM

SAP Cloud Platform Virtual Private Cloud or Network Access Control


Is there a possibility to enable Virtual Private Cloud / Network Access Control / Subnet Zoning with SAP Cloud Platform like it is possible with Amazon or Google cloud platforms? We have resources on one SCP subaccount, which should only be accessible from a second SCP subaccount but should not be accessible from any other subaccount or the internet. Is there a way to restrict this?

Our specific scenario is an endpoint, which we provide on SCP Integration (SCPI). This endpoint should only be accessible to third parties via SCP API Management (APIM), which is running in a separate subaccount. We want to prevent anyone from accessing the SCPI endpoint directly. Since we want to propagate the authentication from APIM to SCPI (SSO) the same credentials would be used and we can not use this to control access.