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Mar 08, 2010 at 07:55 AM

Period-end closing-CLMLCP


I Have One more issue due to some reason Actual cost could not be run for some items & error msg is coming that Carry out period-end closing for material XXXXXXXXX in the previous period. Kindly advice what need to be done. for those items.


Message no. C+805


You want to perform single-level price determination for material XXXXXX with valuation type in valuation area XXXX. You have entered the period for which the price is to be determined, but you have not yet completed period-end closing for the material in the previous period. The status of the material in the previous period is Price Change Completed.

Price determination indicator 3 requires that you perform single-level price determination (and possibly multi-level price determination) each period as well as the corresponding closing entry. This is necessary even if you have not entered any actual data for the material.

System Response

The system does not allow single-level price determination for the specified material.


You must perform single-level price determination (and possibly multi-level, as well) and the closing entries for the previous period before proceeding.