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Former Member
Mar 08, 2010 at 05:33 AM

CUP v5.3: Using LDAP Authentication for Password Self Service


Hello everyone,

Will you please help with the following?

I am setting up LDAP Authentication (MS Active Directory) for Password Self Service in CUP v5.3 for the first time. I have set the Authentication to LDAP and created the LDAP Connector. The Connection test was successful. I have created the LDAP mapping for MS Active Directory, per the SAP documentation. Yet, when I try to test Password Self Service using the Network ID and Password, I get an error "User Credentials Not Valid".

I have never set this Configuration up before, so I don't know if I am missing something. For the User Data Source, I have tried every combination of SAP and LDAP (i.e. set both to SAP, set both to LDAP, and both combinations with the two together). I get the same error message regardless of how I change the User Data Source.

Any ideas?

I've got the AC v5.3 Config guide and I believe that I have done everything outlined for the LDAP piece. Have you seen any other more detailed documentation on this topic?

Thank you!