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Mar 08, 2010 at 02:43 AM

ITS 620 - how to create a service file for SAPGUI for HTML option



We have the following configuration :

  • ITS 620 installed

  • IIS webserver

  • NTLM Authentication on webserver

  • SAP 46C

We have some reports that use the IACs option of creating ITS reports and we are able to create the service files using webstudio where we can save a service id and password so that when the ITS page is called, it logs on the user directly into the system.

Now, we are trying to create a new ITS page for a custom Z transaction and would like to use the SAPGUI for HTML option so that we do not have to use Webstudio to create and modify the HTML pages.

When I call the ITS page for the new transaction, it brings up the logon screen for the user, which we want to avoid. If I create a new service file for this Z transaction without any HTML pages then I get an error.

Is there a way to copy the WEBGUI.SRVC file to a custome SRVC file, I tried to create to copy it to a test file called ZTEST.SRVC for my test transaction called ZTEST and now I get an error.

thanks in advance