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Mar 05, 2010 at 05:08 AM

Related to sales set in retail industry


Dear SAP Gurus

I am particular working in Sales set for Retail industry. Just want to have clear idea of accounting for sales sets.

Suppose I will make a sales set for 110000 (material Number) including the material for

Material No Particular Amount Cost Price

110001 Pepsi 25

110002 Bisleri 10

When the sale happen for this particular sales set through 317 movement type & 951 below is the material & Accounting document

Material document

Item Material Movement Type Sign for Material

1 110000 951 -

1 110000 317 +

1 110001 317 -

1 110002 317 -

Accounting Document

Movement Type

XXXXXXX Inventory Accounts translated to Sales Set Dr 35 317

XXXXXXX To Inventory Account 35 317

XXXXXXX Cost of sales accounts 35 951

XXXXXXX To Inventory Accounts translated to Sales Set 35 951

Can you please validate the above process of Sales sets in retail industry?

If above process is correct than in my case it is taking price difference account instead of cost of sales account is it because of the moving average price for 110000 is not updated why?