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Mar 04, 2010 at 04:27 PM

Multiprovider with authorization relevant infoobjects


Hi all,

Here is our situation. We have new cubes which contain authorization relevant infoobjects to secure the data. We would like add the cubes to existing multiproviders, but the existing infocubes do not contain the authorization relevant infoobject. The objective would be to have our existing queries not be impacted by the new cubes, but new queries containing the new key figures should work for those who have the authorization relevant objects in the security roles.

If we use an authorization variable at the filter level of the query, the existing infoproviders get filtered out because they do not have that infoobject.

If we try to use the authorization variable in restricted key figures, this only works if all of the key figures in teh query contain such a restriction - so this can not inlcuded the key figures from the existing cubes.

We would like to avoid adding the infoobject to the existing cubes because of the impact to update rules, transformations and other multiproviders. Also, this would require changes to all of our security roles.

P.S. We are on BW 7.01.05 and we are using the 7.x authorization logic.

Thanks ahead of time.