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Mar 04, 2010 at 04:07 PM

Create a formula based on UserResponse()


Am trying to create a var based on Count(Payperiod) for overall report however whenever I include the formula at row level the value reverts to the individual row. How can context be overriden? e.g. Formula is Sum(HrsWorked)/Count(Payperiod)

Where Count(Payperiod) is based on a range of dates selected from UserResponse() for a Beginning and Ending Payperiod.

Report contains record for each employee and If Count(Payperiod) = 3 but that employee may have only HrsWorked recorded for one of the Payperiods

I want calculation to use HrsWorked for each employee but I need to use the number of payperiods based on the UserResponse()s not on number of Payperiods recorded for employee.