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Mar 04, 2010 at 10:15 AM

About the leechers


Hello, everybody,

I would like to hear your opinions about a special group on "our" SDN. These days I see quite many users with the "short info next to the post" saying: posts: 253, points: 0. I don´t like them, that is obvious, but they don´t even bother to close threads or share a single sentence about how they have solved their problem, no thanks, nothing.

Recently I have reached my limit for open questions (which is 10). Omg, why? I need all these questions and am an active contributor every day.

Conclusion: (like some torrent things): would anybody limit these leechers in any way? (Like you have to get a point for every question you want to ask, what is BTW quite soft and funny...just an example).

Regards Otto