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Mar 04, 2010 at 07:46 AM

Performance Issue with Oracle


Dear All,

Let me tell you about the system first:

4.6D Oracle 9i HP UX on super Dome.

DB Size 5.4 TB

Concurrent Users approx 4000, Periodic Jobs daily 1500

Oracle SGA MAX set to 70 GB, DB server RAM 132 GB. 11 Application servers.

Now come towards the actual Issue;

During Month End Closing we are facing lot of performance issues with DB server. we have to limit overall background jobs running at the time to 50 Only we can not make it more than this otherwise we will face serious performance issues with the system to Normal users.

The system behaves normal during other days of the month but during MEC 4 days we have to suffer a lot with lot of background jobs delaying and affecting lot of companies for Month End Closing.

Next month we are planning to Upgrade oracle to 10G 4th Patch, not because of the issues but other reasons.

During this upgrade I would really like to know the enhancement we can make at DB Level to increase the performance. according to ST04 it really shows normal behavior over month like DB Quality is over 96% user per recursive calls are 16,5

we have currently 3 DB Writer process can we increase them? Do we get any benefits from this?

Please help me concentrate on the enhancement I can make with this upgrade.