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Mar 03, 2010 at 06:42 PM

Capacity evaluation using CM07


Hi Gurus

If I remember correctly CM07 is used for capacity evaluation.

It tells you the pegged requirements against a particular work center.

At the same time it allows you to go and make changes in those requirements through the same transaction.

i.e. if you double click on the network then it goes in CN22 and then you can either change the work center or reschedule to manage your capacities.I had tested this scenario about a year back.

But just the other day I tried to do the same thing and now it goes in CN23 (display mode)

I approached the basis guys who also tried with SAP ALL access user id but it still didnu2019t allow the change mode

They have told me itu2019s not because of any aunthorisation or lack of it

So just wondered if this could be controlled by some config or any OSS note

Please help me resolve this one



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