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Dec 19, 2018 at 09:08 AM

Release strategies for Stock Transport Orders


We would like to have a release strategy for the stock transport orders to work the same way as for standard Po's i.e., different strategies to be applied for different ranges of the total transfer value of the materials covered in the STO. As you are all aware, for applying PO Release Strategy for standard purchase orders, we make use of a characteristic which refers to the field GNETW (total net order value) in the structure CEKKO to design different release strategies for different PO value ranges. However, this method does not work for stock transport orders, since the field GNETW always has a value of zero. Since the release strategy works only with the fields in the structure CEKKO / CEKKOZZ, how to design a release strategy for this requirement based on the total transfer value in the STO? Is there a way to update CEKKO-GNETW for stock transport orders (STO)? I hope the requirement is clear to you.