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Dec 18, 2018 at 02:42 PM

Attribute value showing "None" in Excel


Hello Experts !!

I am facing one issue and need your help. our Business Requirement is to do forecasting at Month / Product/ Stocking Location.

Stocking location is an attribute of Location Product Master data. We are arriving at this value by taking reference of “Location source” MDT. For Ex, if vendor is supplying to any location than that location is an stocking location, where as if any location is supplying to another location then supplying location will be “stocking location”.

In order to map this, we created an attribute “Stocking Location” and assigned that to master data Location Product.

I created a new planning level MTHPRODLOC1, and added this new attribute “stocking location” in Location product MDT.Now I created 2 KFs one to store history and another to store forecast result. loaded the master data via data integration app .I also loaded History at location level

Now running forecast at Product /Stocking Location.

I can see forecast value in KF KF1.But for stocking location attribute I am getting “ NONE” value.

When trying to add “new planning object” for product and stocking location I am getting below error

Can anybody suggest me what could be the issue and how to resolve this.

thanks for time




error.png (14.2 kB)