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Mar 03, 2010 at 10:48 AM

Error retrieving data when using filter (where in)



I'm fairly new to using Crystal Reports 2008 version 12 and no programming engineer, but can someone help me.

I'm using a filter in my report in which i try to filter on specific items in a table. In the filter i can specify which items should be seen in my report by using "is one of" (i'm using the dutch version). In the selection-expert the formula will look like: {vwais007_prognosetotaal1.sberekend} in ["AFSCHRIJVING", "HUURLASTEN", "RENTEKOSTEN", "RENTEKOSTENFIN", "VERGOEDINGIN"]

No problem, but when i to refresh the data i get an error retrieving data. Next clue is the sql statement of my report. This shows the following (partial):

WHERE (`vwais007_prognosetotaal1`.`sberekend`=0xAFSCHRIJVING OR `vwais007_prognosetotaal1`.`sberekend`=0xHUURLASTEN OR

`vwais007_prognosetotaal1`.`sberekend`=0xRENTEKOSTEN OR

`vwais007_prognosetotaal1`.`sberekend`=0xRENTEKOSTENFIN OR `vwais007_prognosetotaal1`.`sberekend`=0xVERGOEDINGIN)

Please help. Working around this problem is no option.