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Mar 03, 2010 at 08:55 AM

Transfer Spend Value to BI


Hi all,

I'm involved in a trade promotion management project and I'm developing a SAP BPS layout for volume and trade spend planning integrated in the CRM web UI.

The rate's origin for the spend value is CRM so when I'm planning a promotion I have to select a combination of Spend Type, Spend Category, Discount Method and, also, to insert a spend value.

This spend value is then transfer to the SAP BPS layout through the standard functionality "Transfer Trade Spend".

However the spend value change accordingly to the spend category that could be a percentage discount, a fixed rate per case or a lump sum.

The problem is referred to the lupm sum, indeed, if I insert a lump sum of 10.000$ this is transferred to the BPS layout and the system assigns 10.000$ for each product category in row.

This is not the correct behaviour since the spend type of type lump sum should be distributed between the product categories.

In my case, in the BPS layout, I have 10.000$ for each product category and the Total row display the summation of each 10.000$ value.

Do you know if I missed some customization or how can I solve this issue?

Many Thanks