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Dec 17, 2018 at 07:25 PM

Crystal Report question - Date

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Good Morning,

I am new to report writing in Crystal Reports. However I have linked tables together and have the report that I sort of need.

My report has the following fields Last name, First Name, Date, Absent code.

My question is I only store dates that the employee is absent. I would like to add the other dates as present for the date range I enter. Usually done year by year.

I am not sure how to do that.

For example

What I currently have:

Joe Doe 11/2/2018 Absent

Joe Doe 11/4/2018 Absent

Joe Doe 11/19/2018 Absent

What I need:

Joe Doe 11/1/2018 Present

Joe Doe 11/2/2018 Absent

Joe Doe 11/3/2018 Present

Joe Doe 11/4/2018 Absent

Joe Doe 11/5/2018 Present

Joe Doe 11/6/2018 Present

Joe Doe 11/7/2018 Present

Joe Doe 11/8/2018 Present

Joe Doe 11/9/2018 Present

Joe Doe 11/10/2018 Present

Joe Doe 11/11/2018 Absent

Thank You