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Mar 02, 2010 at 09:02 PM

ALE - Change Pointers - ADR2_TELEXTENS


Hello - We were in the process of trying to enable change pointers for contact telephone extension (ADR2_TEL_EXTENS) when our developer who has worked with change pointers and tle ALE process in the past left the company.

He indicated that ADR3 updates were already coming through that process but not ADR2. (I'm not sure how to confirm that.) The business now requires ADR2 data as well, specifically the telephone extension for a contact.

Our ABAP programmers on the R/3 side don't know what else they need to do so delta records are available for the BW.

We need a little help please.

Here's some additional information.

BD61 - "change pointers activated generally" is checked

BD60 - ADRMAS, ADR2MAS and ADR3MAS are listed.

BD50 - ADRMAS, ADR2MAS and ADR3MAS are listed but the "active" column is not checked.

BD52 - for ADRMAS, ADR2MAS and ADR3MAS message types, the field TEL_EXTENS is listed (chane doc objects ADRESSE, ADRESSE2 and ADRESSE3).

There are no records for table ADR2 in table BDCP.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you -