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Mar 02, 2010 at 07:46 PM

Priority of the meter readings



I need some advice, I am not from device management.


- I have installation with the final meter reading (meter reading type - 03 - final billing) at 31.12. made on 22.12.

- After that somebody was created periodic meter reading order for the same date 31.12. (01 - periodic billing)

- The meter reading type 03 was unfortunatelly supressed with the periodic meter reading order

I was simulated this situation and I got the message (just information) from the system that I have 2 meter readings at the same time and the meter reading with the lower priority will be supressed (it is nice). But according to the customizing in the table TE610 the priority settings are:

MRtype 01 - priority 3

MRtype 03 - priority 2

It means that the final billing has highest priority then periodic billing.

Now my question, why final meter reading order was supressed with the periodic billing order? Can somebody explain it?