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Dec 17, 2018 at 11:17 AM

Pro-rated calculation of Basic pay only in case of LOP


Hi Experts,

My client requirement is as follows.

Basic Pay( 1001) =8800

Washing Allowance( 1002)= 80, Now, if there is no LOP, then system is calculating the amount correctly. It means, Total No of Days in April= 30 days( including weekly offs)

Total no. of payable days= 30 days( if NO LOP is there).

Hence, system will calculate, Amount= 8800*30/30= 8800.INR

Now, if employees takes 1 day LOP, then it should be, Amount= 8800*29/30= 8506.66

But in stead of this, in my case, system is calculating as follows:

Total Working days in April ( excluding weekly off)= 25 days

Total Payable days in April ( 25 - 1 day LOP) = 24 days,

Hence, Amount= 8800*24/25 = 8448 INR, which my client does not want.

Therefore, requesting you all experts, how to do calculation on the basis of total ( 30) days, please suggest me.

Thanks & regards,

Sydhansu Sekhar Behura