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Mar 02, 2010 at 02:46 PM

Why CO1V discards actual activity qty entry?


Does CO1V not allow to change activity qty proposed by system?

Note: Did not click on pushbutton propose actual data.

Process Flow:

Enter CO1V > Click Other View button > Enter order#, opertaion #, yield, UoM, Reason code---> Press Enter.

For example, system proposed 5 Hrs for 100 kg Yield. But I want to post 3 Hrs. So I changed it to 3 hrs but when I press enter system automatically changed it back to 5 Hrs.

If you look at CO1V screen, there are six activities you can enter. Situation in above example is happening only in Acitivity #1.

Activity #2 is unchanged because it's set up, thats fine.

Activity # 3 - Activity #6 , you can change only activity #3.Then Activity #3 gets copy in to Activity #4 to Activity #6. You can not change #4 to #6 alone, if you try, system discard the change automatically and change them back to as in #3.

Such a weird behaviour of system, I never seen that Activity#1, #2, and the group of #3 to #6 are behaving differently. Is there any bug? we are on 4.6C. I checked config, work center, routing, production order, order confirmation parameters, profile etc etc but didn't find any clue.

I need system to allow and accept the manual changes in activity qty at the time of order confirmation in CO1V.

Please advise.

Thank you.