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Mar 02, 2010 at 01:31 PM

joing of EKKO, EKPO, EKET and EKBE


Hi Gurus,

We want to achieve two reports with the same query. the first report is the requirement to compare the persons who created the PO and the person who received the PO (migo material doc) were same or not? To achieve this we joined tables EKKO, EKBE and EKPO in the order same order. The report started giving out only those results where EKKO - ERNAM was equal to EKBE - ERNAM. This is fine. But now we have a new requirement to create a late PO deliveries report. The users want the actual dates when the receipts were received (mat doc receipts). Because ME2N, ME2M and ME2L only give whether they are late or not but they dont give by how many days they are late. anyways to achive the late deliveries report, i joined EKET table to the as the fourth table to the already existing previous three tables. But beucase of the EKKO -ERNAM = EKBE - ERNAM criteria we are getting the resutls onyly when they match. What needs to be doen so that the both the reports can be achived from this same infoset.