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Mar 02, 2010 at 11:13 AM

ECS and HECS is not appearing in J1IIN


hi all,

in our group we have a specific issue that the value of ECS and HECS not appearing in J1IIN,

in our group all other plants are coming with correct value of ECS and HECS in J1IIN. but only one plant is showing 0 values iin ECS and HECS.

we have checked the following

1. Checked the billing doc, that is posted with ECS and HECS values

2. Factory Sale Procedure is common for the group. so, no problem in that

3. Tax code is for company code level but it is accessing only common factory sale procedure - so, no issue in tax code also

please provide your solutions considering the above points. we are using TAXINJ procedure with 4.6C version