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Mar 02, 2010 at 11:04 AM

Deleting records from internal table.


Hello Friends,

I have done F1 on delete and also went through the forum . I want to do a delete effectively as it involves huge amount of data ..

Lets cosider I have two internal tables ITAB 1 and ITAB 2 .

ITAB 1 has 10000 records having two key fields

ITAB2 has 1000 records having the same two key fields in it .

THe other fields are different .

Now I want to perform an operation where for corresponding 1000 records in ITAB2 I must delete the records in ITAB1 and result in ITAB 1 must be 10000 - 1000 = 9000 records.

Which could be the most effecient way to do this.?