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Dec 17, 2018 at 09:55 PM

SAP PI JDBC issue - PI updates row which it did not pick


Hi Team,

We have an interface in Production which download records from a SQL database staging table and sends it to SAP.

Our polling interval is currently set to pick records every 2 minutes. Below is the configuration of our sender JDBC channel in PO system (version is 7.5).

Select Statement:

Select * from dbo.mytable where flag IS NULL

Update Statement:

Update dbo.mytable set flag-CURRENT_TIMESTAMP where flag IS NULL

Advanced Settings:

Transaction Isolation Level: Serializable

Database Auto-Commit-Enabled: Yes

Disconnect from Database After Processing Each Message: Yes

Problem is this:

There are instances when our PO system updates the flag of the record which it did not actually pick.

Example. PO system had updated the flag of rows # 1-10 but the XML file in PO workbench only contains rows # 1-9. Hence, it is missing the last row (row # 10) in the XML file.

Anyone had this similar issue? Any suggestions on how to avoid this?