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Dec 18, 2018 at 05:27 AM

Need Ideas for Methods of Processing a Non-Receivable "Part" Through EDI


Looking for ideas on how to best utilize SAP to resolve this issue...

We currently sell software to customers who download it from a web based system onto a piece of equipment that we previously sold them. The web based system then sends us a report once the download occurs which we use to create a sales order in SAP and manually send them an invoice. The quantities of purchase are vast and the manual process consists of comparing our invoice, line by line, against data that they keep internally...not sustainable.

What methods have been used the past to use EDI and SAP for processing of "non-receivable" type items? From my limited knowledge, in order for the electronic systems to work properly, something physical needs to be received in. How can we get around this and use EDI for processing of software downloads?