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Mar 02, 2010 at 07:12 AM

Appraisal on ESS


Hi experts,

Our client is on EHP4 and implemented the Apraisal system on Portal.

I had checked the WD used to display the appraisal documents on ESS/ MSS is HAP_START_PAGE_POWL_UI.

It is using the component configruation HAP_START_PG_POW_ESS_UI_CC & HAP_START_PG_POW_MSS_CC repectively.

Now our client wants one more links on Portal with similar fuctionlaties like ESS

I had created one apllication for the WD HAP_START_PAGE_POWL_UI, attached the component configruation HAP_START_PG_POW_ESS_UI_CC , when I check the veiw information for this application on portal, it shows the view as MASTER_MATRIX ( of the powl component powl_ui_comp) for this link.

I checked for ESS, it is fetching the view MASTER_TAB ( of the powl_ui_comp ) .

I am not able to figure out , why the different views are fetched, while I am using the same component configruation.

Any inputs will be helpful.