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Mar 02, 2010 at 05:11 AM

OBN to SAPGUI transaction with parameters


Hi Folks

We have installed the Internal Sales Representative (ISR) portal business package and I'm trying to change the OBN configuration so that the SAPGUI transaction VA01 is executed instead of the Lean Order Web Dynpro app. There was already an existing iview in the same role that pointed at VA01 so I increased its OBN priority and successfully triggered VA01 when the 'Create Sales Order' button in the Customer Search Worklist was clicked. However none of the parameters, such as customer number, sales org, etc, are being passed to VA01.

How does a SAPGUI transaction like VA01 receive the OBN parameters?

(I have made sure that there is a * in the 'Parameters Forwarded to Transaction' property of the VA01 iview)



EP 7.01 SP3

ECC 6.03 SP18