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Mar 02, 2010 at 04:07 AM

PO Release Strategy



The requirement is that PO release stratgy should based on effective price. Currently Release strategy is based on Net order value.

I know statndard steps of release strategy. But i have never configured a release strategy through user exit.

Based on my understanding, here I am writting all steps of release strategy for this scenario.

Please correct me If I am wrong:

1. Create chracteristics, Effective price, table CEKKO, Field USRC1.

Properties of USRC1 will be same as GNETW.

2. Assign USRC1 to class of PO replease & remove the characteristics GNETW (Net order value)

It means release strategy will not depend on GNETW.

3. User exit ( EXIT_SAPLEBND_002 or M06E0004): which user exit will be used?

T Code SMOD/CMOD: which T Code will be used?

write the logic for Field USRC1 that value will be populated from summation of all EKPO_EFFWR.

4. Where the value range for the characteristic USRC1 will be given?

Release strategy --> Classification tab

or, CL20N

or,User exit.

Is there any precaution, which needs to be considered while changing the existing release strategy.