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A Compression related background job gets terminated with the dump "TSV_TNEW_BLOCKS_NO_ROLL_MEMORY" .

What th job does :

It takes the data for different modules like FI , SD ets for a particular year and compresses it . and also i have tried with minimal data that is for a single record but still the job fails because of resource shortage.

I have tried increasing the following sap profiles in RSMEMORY




But no luck.

Kindly guide me to fix this issue.

Server details :

EHP7 FOR SAP ERP 6.0 / Sybase ASE / Linux env (x86_64)

Short Text
No more memory available to add rows to an internal table.

What happened?
An attempt was made to add rows to an internal table. There was no
memory available for this however.

Error analysis
No more rows could be added to internal table
troubleshooting possible, the table had to be deleted before this log
could be compiled. This means that the table will either be displayed
further down or, if you call the ABAP Debugger from here, with 0 rows.

When the program was terminated, the internal table had the following

Memory location: Session memory
Row width: 322
No. of rows: 12205724
Allocated rows: 12205724
Newly requested rows: 32 (in 1 blocks)

How to correct the error
The amount of memory (in bytes) used at termination time was:

Roll area...................... 0
Extended memory (EM) 4001476120
Assigned memory (HEAP) 3691214704
Short area.....................
Paging area.................... 32768
Maximum address space.......... 18446744073709551615
If the error occurs in a non-modfied SAP program, you might be able to
find a solution in the SAP Notes system. If you have access to the SAP
Notes system, check there first using the following keywords:




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1 Answer

  • Nov 28, 2016 at 06:46 PM

    Hello Satheesh,

    From a Basis perspective, all that you can do is to keep increasing the memory parameters, until the system is configured in such a way that the job will be able to allocate all the memory it needs.

    What you could do is to involve the application (functional) team to see whether the selection criteria can be reduced, or whether the job can be split into two or more jobs, whether there is any ABAP code improvement that reduces the memory requirements, and so on.



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