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Dec 17, 2018 at 08:25 AM

Absence quota proration



We are configuring vacation quota accruals at my client. Time Evaluation runs on last day of the pay period (biweekly Payroll area). There are rules for carryover vacation from previous year and also the quotas are updated as per seniority level with every pay period run of time evaluation. I have configured all the scenarios successfully except one.

Need help: If an employee is hired/rehired in the middle of the pay period then the quota is not generated on pro-rated basis. For example, the pay period is from 01/07 - 01/20. Employee is hired on 01/14, then when the time evaluation runs on 01/20, the quota is currently updated as 5.60 hours which is for the complete pay period. The quota should be updated as 2.8 hours for the first pay period. Then when the next time, time evaluation is run, the quota should be increased by 5.60 hours. This scenario works. But the proration is not working for the first pay period during which the employee is hired/rehired.