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J2EE Engine startup issue

I installed SAP Netweaver 7.0 EHP1 developer workplace with maxdb. everything seems fine until now. When I try to start the engine,

jcontrol -- sync binaries seems fine

jcontrol-- connect to message server -- fails

Here is the log dev_jcontrol.

[Thr 2368] Mon Mar 01 13:16:39 2010

[Thr 2368] ***LOG Q0I=> NiPConnect2: connect (10061: WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused) [nixxi.cpp 2835]

[Thr 2368] *** ERROR => NiPConnect2: SiPeekPendConn failed for hdl 0 / sock 1696

(SI_ECONN_REFUSE/10061; I4; ST; [nixxi.cpp 2835]

[Thr 2368] *** ERROR => MsIAttachEx: NiBufConnect to OAKL-L3ANC3E/3901 failed (rc=NIECONN_REFUSED) [msxxi.c 652]

[Thr 2368] *** ERROR => Can't attach to message server (OAKL-L3ANC3E/3901) [rc = -100]-> terminate [jcntrms.c 374]

[Thr 2368] JControlCloseProgram: started (exitcode = -100)

[Thr 2368] *** ERROR => MsIModState: not_attached [msxxi.c 3838]

[Thr 2368] *** ERROR => Can't modify message server state (state = 7, rc = -3) [jcntrms.c 841]

[Thr 2368] JControlCloseProgram: good bye... (exitcode = -100)

I tried different ways as per the forums but doesn't work. One thing is my license got expired. Inorder to apply new license the J2EE should be up right. Any help appreciated

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    Former Member
    Mar 01, 2010 at 08:06 PM


    Even if the license has expired, the system should come up for 30 mins giving you time for the installation of another valid license key. For license key related, please refer to notes, 731673 , 870871.

    Could you please paste an excerpt from dev_server, dev_dispathcer & std_server0.out & std_dispatcher.out file towards the end where the error message will be displayed as to why the j2ee engine did not start.

    Best regards,

    Snehal Bhaidasna

    SAP Labs, Palo Alto, CA(USA)

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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hello Mike,

      The error 666 shows that the server is crashing with Outofmemory error. In this case you can ensure the settings in 723909. However, it is quite possible that the available memory despite right settings is not sufficient and so server crashes. This could happen in two scenarios

      a) Certain applications may need higher memory consumption to work efficiently.

      Soln: In this case you increase the heapsize a bit higher and adjust MaxNewSize/NewSize accordingly. However, being on 32bit severly limits this. The recommended settings for 6.40 on 32 bit system is 1024G, you could increase it to 1200M or so and check, for 700, we do not recommend running it on 32 bit system, however, if you must, you can try and increase the heap by cpl hundred megs and see if it resolves the crash issue.

      b) Second case is when there is some leak in applicaitons. This will crash the server despite higher heap settings and the analysis of the heapdump needs to be done to find the root cause. The heapdump settings need to be applied in the jvn settings of the server node as per note 1004255 (needs a restart after the change).

      To clarify point 2.3 from note 723909.

      NO, you do NOT need to run 10 servers since you have 15G. The note is mentioning that if you do need 10 servers then you must have the physical memory as per that forumale. Not Vice versa :-). Hope its clear. One server is fine if that's all you need and works for the load on your system.

      Hope the above inputs help.

      Best Regards,

      Snehal Bhaidasna

      SAP Labs, Palo Alto, CA(USA)