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Mar 01, 2010 at 06:15 PM

inter company sale - Concepts


Hello friends

These are the intercompany questions need to be clear.Please help me to understand.

A) While doing Invoice IV - from delivering compamy code (ex 2000) to ordering comany code (ex 1000)

Under company code : 2000 , Plant -A and

under company code : 1000, Plant- B and sales org- us01.

I know customer presence should be there for inter comapny Invocie.

Now My questions are

1) how to create customer and who will be the customer - (plant -? under coppany code -1000)

2) from where the inter company Invoice is comming - from - (plant or sale org -? under company code -2000) and what is the link -? I mean how sytem will understand this -?

3)New pricing procedure involved for invoice IV -?

4)if there is intercopmpany sales , inter copmpany stock transfer whould also involve or not necissary -?

5) AND if I am misssing any important points in inter company sales please guide me.

I am not clear, please help me on this.