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Mar 01, 2010 at 04:01 PM

Standard UI behaviour by searching



If I open a saved search (i.e. u201CAll released quotationsu201D) and I open then the

Search: Quotation page, the criteria of my saved searched are already populated.

I am aware of the standard UI behaviour in this case. And I also know that we can activate OR deactivate this behaviour. (OSS Notes 1268339 & 1162795)

BUT I want to deactivate this behaviour just for my explained scenario above. This means, if I open a saved search and open then the search page (Marketing -> Search -> Quotation) I donu2019t want to have the search result and criteria of my saved search. I want to have the default search workcenter.

Is there a possibility to do this?

I hope you can understand my requirement 😊

Many thanks in advance