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Mar 01, 2010 at 02:57 PM

BAPI Error 462


We are working with MII 12.1 and attempting to backflush an order with bapi_repmanconf1_create_mto using a JCo interface in a BLS. The error seems focused on the posting date which is populated using the "datenow" xpath statement. I am getting an error 462 "Posting date and/or document date was/were not transferred".

I have tried to do a datefromxmlformat to another date time format but the JCo will not execute at all citing a date format string conversion error "Cannot convert a value of '03-01-2010' from type java.lang.String to DATE at field POSTDATE"

What could be the problem with the date format? Or is this a case where SAP has generated a totally anti-intuitive message and really wants something else entirely?

Thanks for your help.