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Dec 15, 2018 at 12:35 AM

What does the error shown in the image mean (Duplicate resource)?

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screen-shot-2018-12-14-at-162548.pngI am trying to build a cds view by joining two tables vbap and prcd_elements. I encounter the error shown in image when I publish it as a Odata service and access it from browser. The code for my cds view is shown below.





@EndUserText.label:'SALES ITEM with condition table'


define view Z_VBAP_JOIN_PRCD_ELEMENTS as select from vbap

left outer join prcd_elements

on vbap.posnr = prcd_elements.kposn {

key vbap.posnr,

vbap.mwsbp as Total_Tax_Amount,//Total tax amount at line item level for billing document

vbap.fixmg as Delivery_Date_Sales_order,


prcd_elements.kbetr as Tax_Rate,// tax rate


prcd_elements.kawrt as Tax_Base_Amount,// tax base amount

prcd_elements.kwert as Tax_Amount,// tax amount


when prcd_elements.kschl='XR1' then 'state tax rate'

when prcd_elements.kschl='XR2' then 'county tax rate'

when prcd_elements.kschl='XR3' then 'city tax rate'

when prcd_elements.kschl='XR4'then'tax level 4 jurisdiction'

else'which tax jurisdiction?'

end as taxjurisdiction