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Mar 01, 2010 at 09:29 AM

Logic for data transfer



I have a requirement, wherin there are 10 tables for which the data changed/inserted/deleted for any field needs to be transferred to third party.

I have gone through the change pointer concept and found that SAP does not recommend this as this will create large number of change pointers in the system

Second option was to create techincal log for each table to log the change.But here again it will slow down the system as everytime system has to write the log when updating the table.

Third option was to write report to get all the record for a particular date based on change date from the table and write down into custom table. The custom table is then treated as source. But here the problem comes when there is no 'Change date' field in the table. For some table we do not have change date field.

Can somebody suggest what should be the best approach to filter the changed data.

Thank you!