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Mar 01, 2010 at 09:21 AM

MD04 Screen details?



I am too much confused while going thru MD04.There are 10 columns with column descriptions but some of them confused me.

Like RP Element, Rec./Reqd.qty, Available qty, Deliv./

RP element

Requirements (Sales Orders, Dep. Requirements: STO, Delivery, etc...) will be always negative (-Ve)

Receipts (planned orders: PO, Productions Orders: PReqs) will be always Positive (+Ve)

What are the meaning of + or - which are followed by qty in MD04 screen.

How will know that qty which shows in Rec./Reqd.qty column with either + or - sign is received qty or required qty.

I see whenever RP element = Requirements like Ord.DS ,delivery then Deliv./ column populated with plant # but here

I get confused this is receiving site of delivery site.

What does mean by available stock?

Please help me abt MD04 because I really want to know abt it.