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Dec 14, 2018 at 10:55 AM

Is the FM HTTP_GET_FILE synchronous or asynchronous ?


Hi all,

By copying the DMS documents (original draws of Materials) through the FM " HTTP_GET_FILE " to the Uniplot (T-code AL11), I got a problem: Sometimes the copied files in Uniplot are picked up incompletely by another report.

This may be due to overlapping of both reports (the 1st report copying the documents into uniplot and the second polling from Uniplot).

So I would like to ask if the FM " HTTP_GET_FILE " is asynchronous or synchronous.

Because if the FM runs asynchronously (which I doubt), then it is logical that the files can be fetched incomplete. Because the FM does not check whether the files are completely stored after leaving the FM. Could you please confirm that ?

I hope that I could give a clear idea of the problem.

I am thankful for all help and information.